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Let's go down to the ozdust ballroom....

Graphics by while_you_can {version 03: Kylie Minogue}

Ozdust Ballroom
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The Icon Maker.
Icons by Elizabeth. Formerly _withoutaburn. PSP8. Locked community - join to view. Lives in England. Busy with work and full time University studying so please forgive me for being absent at times. Comments = ♥ and credit is always necessary.
The Community.
An eclectic mix of icons, with topics ranging from Broadway to Shoes, Make-up to locations and many celebrities. Requests are often taken. If you want to affiliate, please comment or send me a message. If you don't know how to credit, then please click here.
Affiliates and Credit.
Credit for the Cherry Blossom Image: Gwarf @ DeviantArt.
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